Organic Hair Color

Organic hair color:

Why I choose to use one, and why you should too.


In this day and age, everyone is very aware of what we put into our bodies and how it affects us. We concentrate on the food and liquid we ingest, but sometimes we forget that all the products we put on our skin and hair are absorbed into the body. Potentially harmful toxins and chemicals are just as harmful to you through your skin and scalp. What is all natural hair color about? And why should we use it?


What is actually in all natural hair color?


-Hydrolyzed proteins

-Natural vegetable and plant extract

-1% ammonia(for gray coverage only)

-Organic chemistry of Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen


                                           Benefits of All natural Color

-Free of harsh chemicals

-Natural shine and vibrant color

-Safe for pregnant woman

-Safe for skin disorders

-Not tested on animals


Why should you stay away from harmful chemicals?


I can list off all of the harmful chemicals in hair color and products, but you probably won’t even know what most of them are. A couple you might recognize are:



-Phenylenediamine(don’t ask me how to pronounce this :))

I don’t know about you, but reading labels is one of the things I really take the time to do. If I don’t know what something is, why am I going to put this on or into my body. A majority of women get their hair colored every 4-6 weeks. That is a lot of chemicals on your scalp that have been proven to cause skin, eye, and lung irritation, allergies, chemical burns, and some forms of cancer. Scary stuff!! Here are some ways to help avoid some of these chemicals.

  1. All Natural Organic hair color

  2. Foils (with the use of foils, it is not directly on your scalp, so it will not be absorbed by your body. You can receive a foil service using color or lightener)

  3. Henna(is the only color that is completely ammonia free. does contain Phenylenediamine aka PPD.)


When I decided to rent a booth and go out on my own as a hairstylist, I started my search for an organic colorline. I wanted the best and safest option for my clients. Having three years experience with Aveda, gave me some knowledge of what I want in my product.


-All natural color

-Lowest amount of ammonia

-No harmful chemicals

-An American formulation process(custom colors)


I came across Chromastics hair line and fell in love. They are an American Boutique hair color line. Offering an Organic all natural hair color that has no harmful chemicals, 1% ammonia when covering gray and full of hydrolyzed proteins to give the hair beautiful, healthy shine. It has less color fade, and dramatically helps the hair look, and feel better. I instantly saw a difference in my clients hair(even from Aveda color). I love being able to tell my clients that I’m putting something completely safe on their scalp, while also giving them custom results. Chromastics gives the hairstylist total control over the color we create for you. They give us a level and we decide what tone to put in your hair color, creating a color uniquely for your hair only.


Fun Fact:

Aveda and Chromastics are the only colorlines in my 16 years experience that I have come across to offer custom coloring options. It truly gives you a different experience with hair color.


Moral of the story

Read labels, ask questions. Don’t just believe every marketing campaign that says their product is all natural. If you spend money on organic food, you should be investing in all natural skin and hair products. Just because we don’t put hair color, or skin creams into our mouths, our skin and scalp still eat it up. Food for thought!

Pinterest vs. Reality

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Pinterest vs. Reality


Let’s be honest, Pinterest is the number one wedding inspiration website right now. Pretty much taking over the wedding world. Put the word into the search engine and bam! billions of stunning pictures flood your computer screen. Bridal inspiration overload of hair up, half up, curled, straight, romantic, classic, chic. Which one are you? You may have had an idea for boho curls but now see 500 pins of beautiful loose updos. How do you choose? Also how realistic is it to show my hairstylist or makeup artist a Pinterest picture?


Bridal hair|Bridal makeup|wedding makeup artist

Picture overload


There are over 50 billion Pinterest pins, and around 1 billion Pinterest boards. Statistically that is an insane amount of pictures for you to get inspiration for your wedding hair and makeup. It can get overwhelming, and I have a lot of brides that will find one style they love but are still unsure because they keep finding more and more beautiful pictures to try out.

A word of advice, once you find a style you love, stick with it. There is always going to be the next best thing but you might start to lose your original vision. Go with your first thought and build off of it from there. If you originally thought you want to wear your hair down, stick with pinning pictures of wedding hairstyles that are down. Professionals are always up for trying different styles the day of your trial, but it makes it a lot easier if you at least have an idea of what you want. If you come in with a Pinterest board of all down styles, we can try different curls, or even blown out straight. If your Pinterest board shows us updos, half up, and all down hairstyles we have no idea what you are envisioning.


Should I bring pictures to show my stylist?


100 percent yes! We love pictures. Pictures really give us an idea of what you are thinking, and how you envision yourself the day of your wedding. Sometimes describing how you want your hair and makeup can be quite difficult. Showing your professional a picture insures that you are on the same page, and are seeing eye to eye.


Be aware…

wedding hair|wedding makeup|wedding makeup artist


While we all love the stunning images from Pinterest be aware that these pictures could be airbrushed, and have inserts, foam donuts and hair extensions utilized to achieve that look. The color of the hair also plays a big factor on how your hair will look. If you have brown hair, and you are pinning mostly blonde wedding upstyles, your results will be different.


When you bring your pictures to your trial, respect your stylist opinion. Don’t take it personally if she tells you your fine hair won’t look as voluminous as the picture does. Honesty is going to be your best friend otherwise you will be disappointed with the outcome.

Is my hair achievable in this picture? If you were born with luscious locks of hair, good for you!  If not, there are a couple alternatives. Grow your hair longer, or purchase clip in extensions. These are both easy options to achieve fuller, longer hair.


If you want to see dimension in your hair, add highlights or lowlights. Balayage is a beautiful way to get subtle, natural looking highlights. This doesn’t mean you have to be blonde, you can add highlights or lowlights in any color lighter or darker to give your hair dimension. Bridal upstyle pictures are seen a lot of times using blonde hair because it is multidimensional. The contrast between blonde and brown is stunning. This does not mean you should completely change your hair color before your wedding. You are beautiful just the way you are, whether you have blonde, brown, red, or purple hair. With that being said talk to your stylist about a color service close to your wedding. Take your solid color to a gorgeous dimensional creation.




Comparison is one of our biggest downfalls, with all the social media and Pinterest happening around us. Use Pinterest to get ideas, and to help you decide on your hair and makeup, but don’t let airbrushed photos and their perfection bring you down. You are authentic, the one and only you. Unique and beautiful in your own quirks and imperfections. Pinterest pictures have nothing on you, you will be a stunning bride if you stay true to yourself! Best of luck. Happy pinning!

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       Warfield House Inn Wedding


Kim and Kyle’s stunning wedding in the Berkshires could not have been more perfect. The weather was a sunny 80 degrees in late August. The casual, fun atmosphere at the Warfield Inn and Farm, had everyone relaxed and ready to celebrate love. Kim came to me with multiple pictures from Pinterest, but all very similar styles. She knew she wanted it all up, and off to the side. Her pictures showed me she wanted some soft curls, but also smooth and sleek toward the top. During her trial I clearly saw her vision, and we ultimately decided on a soft upstyle off to the side. Simple, classic, beautiful.